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Nzinga Knight

Caribbean sorrel is one of the most beloved drinks of the Islands

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel is a delightful brewed and aged hibiscus-spiced beverage based on a family recipe with an over 400-year Caribbean heritage started by Brooklyn-born, 1st generation Caribbean American foodie and designer Nzinga Knight.

This sorrel is made with raw and natural ingredients: sorrel flower (also known as hibiscus roselle), ginger, pure cane sugar, cloves, cinnamon, allspice, bay leaves, and orange peel.

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel will take you on a surprising taste journey with its rich, smooth, sweet, spicy, full-bodied, complex and refreshing taste. Best of all it is NonAlcoholic, is rich in antioxidants and works great solo or as a mixer.

With its roots in West Africa, Caribbean sorrel is one of the most beloved drinks of the Islands. As a 1st generation Caribbean-American born and raised in East Flatbush, Brooklyn New York, affectionately known as Little West Indies, I grew up enjoying sorrel year-round, and most of all my fathers sorrel which became well-known and in demand in the community.

Black Owned, Woman Owned, Eco Friendly, Not on Amazon, NO POVERTY

Do Good, Be Good!
See how this brand does good for you and for the community

Brooklyn Brewed Sorrel 's mission is to have happier, healthier, more connected drinking. With every sip of their traditional hibiscus-spiced Caribbean drink brewed with wholesome, real ingredients- hibiscus, ginger, spices, you're able to tap into the rich Afro-Caribbean culture.

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