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Focused on doing the work to make positive change happen in the world.



Redefining Black

Got the amazing opportunity to partner with some amazing Black Brands to create a call-to-action campaign to inspire people of all ethnicities to raise the standard of what’s possible for Black people and to rise above the limitations and common negative stereotypes in the Black community.



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More accountability needed in diversity recruiting

Was interviewed by the Consortium for Graduate Studies on my experience in Corporate America and appreciated the ability to share the lived experiences and hope for change in recruiting spaces. Adeola Emdin: More accountability needed in diversity recruiting • The Consortium (


Brooklyn Savvy: S14 Ep 13
Black Women at Work

Joined the wonderful women of Brookly Savvy for a discussion around Black women at work and the implicit bias they face.  Was honored to be able to share my research and plans to make positive change to how to improve employer/employee relationships in a healthy and non-biased way.  Brooklyn Savvy - NYC Media

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