LeneNicole 3-wick Soy Candle Pineapple+Sage - Gemini

LeneNicole 3-wick Soy Candle Pineapple+Sage - Gemini


!WARNING!  !WARNING!… third astrological sign in the zodiac, originating from the constellation of Gemini and born under the sun.  ...the twins, Castor and Pollux, aka, Dioscuri, has this zodiac sign not knowing if they are coming or going, happy or sad!  Aside from the rollercoaster of mood swings all in one day, or hell- in one hour, gemini’s are— social, intelligent, outspoken, different, passionate, curt (only 1 day of 365 days), indecisive, adaptable, unreliable, impulsive, charming, and yes! we do love you, hate you!  

Never a dull moment!


Under the tropical zodiac, our gemini candle exudes fragrance notes of pineapple, sage and green leaves, intriguing your inner thoughts to being under the sun; affixing your mind on intellectual air and the ruler of mercury instead of —mood swings!


May 21st through June 20th


    Natural soy wax

    Cotton triple wick

    No added dyes


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  • Candle Safety

    To avoid injuries—

    • Trim the wick before lighting, keeping debris out of wax pool
    • Burn no longer than 4 hours at a time
    • Let wax harden before relighting, touching, moving or covering with lid
    • Keep away from children and pets
    • Never leave candle unattended
    • Never extinguish with water
    • Don’t burn near things that catch fire
    • Place candle on heat resistant surface and avoid drafts
    • Stop using candle when 1/2” wax remains, do not let candle burn itself out
    • To avoid tunneling, do not extinguish candle until it has achieved a full melt pool

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