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11 Socially Conscious Black Female Brands to Buy in March

Did you know that 40% of U.S. owned businesses are women-owned? That’s 12.3 million businesses led by women! Did you also know that 64% of new women-owned businesses were started by women of color last year? To top these statistics off, did you know it’s estimated that women-owned businesses generate more than $1 billion dollars each year? (source:

Wow. That’s AMAZING, right?!

When you think back to the influence that women have had throughout #herstory and over the last few decades, you can’t help but realize that women have a huge role in our country’s economy and growth.

Adeola Wright founded in 2020 with the goal of generating income for and supporting small, minority owned products. Of our current 19 and growing #pantry and

#homecare collections, 11 are female owned and operated. This is a powerful group of women who bring different ideas, personalities, missions and passion to our shop. We’re so proud to offer their all-natural, eco-friendly, non-toxic, socially conscious, vegan and gluten free products. These women inspire us not only for creating great products but because they show that the sky’s the limit when you work hard.

Before you scroll through the list of the pantry and homecare items created by these 11 AMAZING women of color, keep this quote from one of the greatest female leaders of our time, First Lady Michelle Obama.

"There is no limit to what we, as women, can accomplish." Michelle Obama
Corinne Joachim-Sanon-Symietz, Founder of Askanya

Corinne Joachim-Sanon-Symietz founded Haiti's 1st and only premier bean-to-bar chocolate company, Askanya.

She decided to exclusively use Haitian cacao and other local natural ingredients to produce their chocolates in Ouanaminthe, Haiti. In the process, Corinne's team is creating direct revenues for more than 700 Haitian famers and offering full-time jobs for our chocolate makers who are all women.

"We wish for every chocolate connoisseur and lover worldwide to savor and fall in love with our chocolate treats." SHOP ASKANYA


Beverly Malbranche founded Caribbrew, a company that specializes in Arabica coffee from Haiti.

Caribbrew works with over 200 farmers and pays upfront and above the fair-trade minimum price for their beans. Moreover, they employ young adults in Haiti to monitor production and shipping to the U.S. The company operates in New Jersey where they fulfill each order and also hand make their coffee skincare products. Caribbrew was founded to share a delicious taste of Haiti with the world and create opportunities for everyone throughout their supply chain.

"Caribbrew was founded to share a delicious taste of Haiti with the world."



Dr. Priscilla Johnson invented EcoDaisy, a line of all natural cleaning products. A mom and environmental activist with a PhD in water resources engineering, Johnson came up with the concept for EcoDaisy when she couldn’t find 100% natural cleaning products that met her standards of environmental safety, efficacy and purity. She created her line of cleaning products for families who refused to risk their health & that of the environment. EcoDaisy's line of eco-friendly cleaning products was the result with a focus on quality and effectiveness.

"I love to clean and wanted to make sure that fish and other aquatic life wouldn't be harmed by what I was putting down the drain." SHOP ECODAISY


Kimberly Brown is the founder of Kim Bee's tea products. The company's mission is to bring an upscale beverage experience to the masses while creating "a simple luxury everyone can afford." Kim Bee's offers customers the most innovative trends within the tea industry. They've extended their product line by creating an atmosphere of award-winning teas and delectable gourmet sweets to share with those with exceptional taste.

"We are committed to offering high-quality products with memorable customer experiences." SHOP KIM BEE'S


Julie Ndjee is the founder of Neilly's Foods. Neilly's focuses exclusively on the idea of bringing flavorful, convenient, and wholesome cuisine to the world. By making the world their kitchen, they're able to offer healthy and authentic flavors of Africa, the Caribbean, and Latin America in their rice mixes, bean mixes and sauces. All of Neilly's products are all natural, MSG free, and preservative free.

"We invite you to discover from the comfort of your table, our fun, simple, healthy and convenient global cuisine." SHOP NEILLY'S


Stephanie Williams is the founder of OhMazing Granola.

Williams believes that snacks should be tasty, convenient and made from scratch, but she couldn’t find a brand that shared her values on the shelves at grocery stores. She launched Oh-Mazing specifically to transform granola into a nut-free and wheat-free snack that could serve as fuel for any adventure. Since launching, Oh-Mazing has received a Good Food Award in the snack category for their commitment to environmental and social responsibility.

"Oh-Mazing passionately crafts small-batch granola snacks from their Washington, DC kitchen." SHOP OHMAZING


Denise Woodard is the founder of Partake Foods.

Woodard and her team have meticulously curated each and every recipe to find the perfect combination of ingredients that are safe for those with food allergies, healthy and absolutely delicious. Explore the fruits, vegetables, spices and more that make Partake safe and better-for-you products.​

"Our products are always gluten-free, vegan, and free from the top 8 allergens." SHOP PARTAKE


Jen Martin co-founded Pipsnacks with her brother Jeff Martin and his wife, Teresa. Pipcorn was born when Jen tried a bag of tiny heirloom popcorn kernels in Chicago health food store where she worked. It was the most delicious popcorn the siblings had ever had!

They liked this one so much, they tracked down the Indiana farmer who grew it from his family’s heirloom seed stock. They continue to exceed our greatest expectations!

"We found the most amazing heirloom popcorn kernels around. They tasted better than any popcorn we've ever had, they were crunchy, light and tasted like real corn! So we decided to pop 'em and name them Pip!" SHOP PIPCORN


Angela Richardson founded a line of sustainable household cleaning products, Purhome.

Richardson is dedicated to creating natural and safe household cleaning products that can be used by anyone, giving special consideration to selecting ingredients that are plant-based, biodegradable, sulfate-free, and non-toxic.

Their liquid laundry detergent packaging is biodegradable and all bottles are recyclable. They source ingredients from companies that are ethical in their production of ingredients.

"We are dedicated to creating products that do not cause harm to Mother Earth." SHOP PURHOME


Ashley Rouse is the owner of Trade Street Jam Co.

Started in a tiny apartment in North Carolina on Trade Street, the company is passionate for all things food. A chef, woman and minority-owned and certified business, Trade Street Jam Co. is a company built on the foundation of culinary innovation. Trade Street Jam Co. strives to share 10+ years of culinary knowledge in the form of a small batch jar that can be used in cocktails, salad dressings, BBQ sauces, marinades, pan sauces & more.

"Cooking should be fun and reflective of the person at hand, but what it shouldn't be, is complicated." SHOP TRADE STREET JAM CO.


Christian Sargent is the owner of VickyCakes, a pancake and waffle mix company.

VickyCakes uses a secret family recipe created by Vicky, a single mother. These homemade pancakes are light, fluffy, wholesome, and dairy-free, plus there’s a gluten-free option. VickyCakes is based in Dallas, TX and is run by Christian and her husband who quickly scaled the company in under 18 months to be featured by Good Morning America, The Food Network, Complex, and Tabitha Brown, to name a few. Join them in bringing families back to the table!

"These homemade pancakes are light, fluffy, wholesome, and dairy-free, plus there’s a gluten-free option." SHOP VICKYCAKES


Also, we'd like to remind you that when you shop these amazing brands built by phenomenal women, you can choose to shop now and pay later with Afterpay or Sezzle. It's #interestfree

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