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Adiya Dixon Wiggins

Yubi Beauty is elegant tools created to simplify and elevate the beauty experience for busy people everywhere.

Adiya Dixon Wiggins is a practicing attorney and mother of two, who noticed the the importance of having a shortcut to beauty. A way to apply beauty cosmetics more quickly at home or on the go. She believed that Yubi was born out of necessity. “I had the desire to take Yubi and make it into something beautiful, to bring joy to people through it. To do that, I would have to challenge the status quo and go all in. Hit pause on the law career I had spent a third of my life building, and effectively start all over.”
She also added that Yubi is itself a challenge to the status quo – the rule that cosmetic tools need to look, act and behave in a specific way. It is as surprising and delightful a tool as the journey to create it has been Her mission is to bring the magic of beauty literally at the fingertips of people everywhere. And in doing so she also hope to spread the word that challenging the status quo, while not easy, can lead to beautiful things in your life and the lives of others.

Eco Friendly, Black Owned, Sustainable, Cruelty Free, Woman Family Owned, Not on Amazon

Do Good, Be Good!
See how this brand does good for you and for the community

Yubi Beauty Supported the "Dress For Success Greater Orlando" at The Southern Women’s Show back in October 2018. The startup Yubi Beauty, is a cosmetic tool brand founded on the principles of female empowerment and inclusion. All of Yubi’s products are vegan and cruelty-free and the brand offered a special pricing to the attendees.

Of the partnership, Yubi’s founder, Adiya Dixon-Wiggins says “Yubi’s mission is to make beauty simpler for women so they can look and feel great while doing amazing things in this world. As an international lawyer and mother of two, I recognize the hurdles women face in the workplace and the value of coaching and a network of support. Dress for Success provides just that network and support, paving the path to economic independence. We also believe in giving before we receive, which is why we are so pleased to support an organization like Dress for Success Greater Orlando to support the local community even though our brand is less than a year old.

Dress for Success Greater Orlando PR and marketing director says "Dress for Success Greater Orlando is all about making women feel confident and giving them a network of support so they can live their dreams and find success. Yubi Beauty stands for those same things. We're honored that an up-and-coming brand like Yubi would be driven to give back to the community and incredibly thankful for their donation, which will help us serve more than 500 women in the next year.”

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