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A new take on sauces and spices

This brand was started by Shauna Noel Robinson, an executive chef and new mom who needed more time at home with her newborn, but also to keep close to her passion of creating big, bold flavors.
She decided to create a Gourmet Foods Market that celebrates the diversity of her city, Queens NY. Tapping into her Caribbean roots for unique influence, Tasting Queens Market was born, offering Organic, Vegan and Gluten Sensitive Spices, Soups, Teas, Baking and Frying Mixes and more.

Shauna Noel Robinson


Black Owned, Woman Owned, Vegan, Not on Amazon

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Be Good, Do Good
See how this brand does good for you and for the community

Tasting Queens Market is an online store that's changing the way you shop. Their Gourmet Market is inspired by the most diverse place in the world, Queens NY with strong Caribbean influences. All their products are chef crafted from local ingredients by a Guyanese American Woman Executive Chef. They offer Organic and Non GMO Gourmet Groceries with a wide selection of Vegan and Gluten Sensitive products made in small batches, using only natural stabilizers to ensure freshness.

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