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Lauren Napier

There is beauty in taking it off

It began with a desire to have clean skin. "I am a minimalist, a makeup artist, skincare enthusiast and world traveler. I couldn't find what I was looking for in a makeup remover - so I created it" says Lauren.

A bona fide beauty expert, Lauren Napier has worked with Oscar winners, music and pop icons, indie film stars, silver screen legends, a Beatle, a Bond, and an American President. To date, Lauren's work has been seen in Vogue, Vanity Fair, Essence and More magazines other works include long standing comedy institution Saturday Night Live and Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

A natural approach to beauty made Lauren a standout in an era defined by skinny brows, layers of eyeshadow and lots of lipliner. "When I started, it was the height of MTV and monochromatic makeup. Today, it's the contour craze. It's great, but it's not realistic and frankly speaking, most women haven't got the time." say the Lauren Napier Beauty founder. "In a culture obsessed with perfection, I see beauty in informal moments. We all want to feel comfortable and confident with what lies beneath. “There is beauty in taking it off.”

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Lauren Napier's mission is to empower all women to love their personal beauty and to celebrate the beauty that exists under the makeup. “Beauty is so focused on our insecurities. My goal is to help embrace what is being shamed by industry,”

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