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A good cup of tea

Jayida Ché is chosen as a company name because it means good tea. This amazing brand's goal is to produce a product that tastes good and does good for not only the body, but that the company operates to produce a positive impact on the community, for our families, and for our environment.

Aleathia Saleem and Mariyah Sabir Mitchell


Black Owned, Organic, Woman Owned, Not on Amazon

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Be Good, Do Good
See how this brand does good for you and for the community

We love tea and we wanted to share our love for tea and the idea that tea is an everyday luxury. We all need to make sure that we take time to offer love and care to ourselves first, and then to our families and community.

Our company is about tea, but it is also about the space/environment/ambiance. Through Jayida Ché we have been able to provide a space where people can come to retreat, learn, work, socialize, etc.: that's where the motto comes from; good tea, good people, good vibes - we want a place that people look forward to spending time in.

As a small business we understand that we needed and still need help growing our business and simply living our mission and vision. We realize that we have a responsibility to contribute to the efforts of other individuals and companies. We have donated time, money, and products to many efforts and continue to do so.

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