The potency of real ginger in a tasty beverage

When Sandra was frustrated by extreme morning sickness and nausea during pregnancy with little relief she searched for ginger products and found nothing with the potency, low sugar, low calorie, and great flavor that she craved. Her sister a skilled mixologist brewed up a solution and ginsation was born. "Our belief is if a product states it contains ginger, then you should be able to taste and feel the natural potency of the ginger in your drink. We could not find any, so we decided to create our own. With Ginsation™, every sip you take will radiate the natural heat and spice of ginger". If you are a ginger lover, this is the beverage for you!

Sandy Reid & Sheylon Haywood


Black Owned, Woman Owned, Family Owned, All Natural, Organic, Vegan