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Kaya, Sativa, Maritza Murray

All natural oral care, beauty, & body care activated charcoal detox products

Kaya, Sativa, and Maritza are the sisters who founded Dirt Don’t Hurt in 2017. They are San Diego residents and between the three of them, they have 6 beautiful kids. As they became pregnant with their children, they began to re-evaluate and dissect the personal care products and cleaning products they were using daily.
It became clear how many toxic chemicals and preservatives were in things they were putting on their body and spraying in their homes every day! With their babies health to consider, they knew that there had to be a better way. They couldn't find natural beauty product options for what we were looking for, so they got to work!
Taking a more natural approach inspired them to start making their own products with clean, pure, and earth + plant-based ingredients. They expanded their knowledge of cleansing, detoxifying, and beneficial natural ingredients and began to incorporate activated charcoal, earth clays, essential oils, and herbs into our products. From this, Dirt Don't Hurt was born.
“We are here to spread natural, safe options to our community and educate others that there is a better way.”

Black Owned, Family Owned, Eco Friendly, Cruelty Free, Woman Owned, All Natural

Do Good, Be Good!
See how this brand does good for you and for the community

Dirt Don’t Hurt was founded by the owners to spread natural, safe options to their community and educate others that there is a better way. Their products have clean, pure, and earth + plant based ingredients.

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