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Coffee roasted over a campfire

Quincy and Whitni Henry own Campfire Coffee Co. – a wood-fired coffee roaster and shop in Tacoma, Washington. Quincy Henry is a northwest native. He holds a Masters in marketing, a Grammy nomination as a rapper, was a PhD candidate in the past, is a husband, a father, and a business owner.

This amazing brand don't roast their coffee with any elaborate equipment or devices. Wood, fire, smoke, and some of that grit combine to create the magic that ends up in your coffee cup. They use specially made steel fireboxes to roast by touch and sound.

Quincy Henry


Black Owned, Organic, Eco Friendly, Handmade, Vegan, Fair Trade Partner, Social Good, All Natural, Not on Amazon

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Be Good, Do Good
See how this brand does good for you and for the community

Campfire Explorers Club
Campfire Explorers Club is a Washington State registered Non-Profit organization that we at Campfire Coffee started to help us realize our big adventure of making outdoor recreation and education accessible for more people, especially those who have been shut out from being able to explore and enjoy our natural world because of financial or other obstacles. We’ve gotten started supporting other organizations that share our vision for a more equitable and accessible natural world.

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