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Back-to-School with Julo

For almost all students, the start of the school year is an exciting moment. But is also a period for planning and preparation. But fret not, cause Julo has your back! We will do everything we can to make this back-to-school more fun, exciting, easy, and memorable for the entire family! So put away the beach bag and pick up the backpack, because it’s time to prepare all of your school must-haves and help you with planning your daily meals, whether they be breakfast, lunch, dinner, or snacks.

Schools serve as both a place to study and a place to socialize and have fun. As a result, although some students may be excited about going back to school after a long break, others may not. However, if their parents are collected, supportive, and consoling, their kids will feel competent and in control.

It's normal for kids and parents to feel anxious about returning to school because it brings so much uncertainty knowing that they will encounter new people and experiences.

So here are Julo's back-to-school tips to help you prepare for it:

- Create a to-do list and a meal prep:

The simplest way to guarantee a stress-free morning routine is to create a to-do list for the entire week that includes, getting your kids ready for school, and keeping an eye on their weekly schedule and meal preparation.

- Have a clean and pleasant home environment:

Once school starts, it is imperative to provide a welcoming and encouraging environment for accomplishing homework. Create a dedicated study space for your children that is clean, free from distractions, and offers a calm and encouraging learning atmosphere.

- Allow your kids to have an enjoyable after-school activity.

In addition to their homework, let your kids engage in creative after-school activities to keep them entertained. Examples include playing board games, making art, and other activities.

Accomplishing all of these might be daunting, that's why we hope that by making this list of everything that needs to be acquired in advance, you can help your kids but most especially help you to be well prepared once school starts. Our final tip is to make sure to avoid last-minute buying so you can avoid being stressed out.

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